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Injury Diagnosis

No matter what or where your pain is, our physio team can assess your injury so you have a clear understanding of your diagnosis and your treatment plan

Manual Therapy

Hands on therapy is a critical component of your recovery that includes massage, joint mobilisations, alignment techqniques and more. We do not use any electrotherapy modalities in our physio practice.

Rehab Exercise programs

We will tailor a program for you to help you get back to your best self ASAP. Working closely with your personal trainer is also our way, for us to give you back the power of training. You rarely need to completely rest through your injury, so come in to understand what you can do while you are injured, and we'll give you the road-map back to recovery.

Post -Op recovery

We will work within your post-op guidlines to get your rehab on track and give you plenty of education about your post-op rehab and exercise prescription

Elite sports injury management

Our Physios understand that not-training is not an option for you elite folk. Plenty of elite experience across many sports means we can help you train around your injury while you rehab your injury fully

Imaging review

We will spend time with you de-mysifying your imaging results to give you the power of knowledge about your own body. Understanding your MRI is critical and we want you to become and expert in your own body

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